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Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy Monday

  Well our first attempt to get into a routine for the new school year was a FAIL, But there is always tomorrow.
We did however manage to get dressed and have breakfast by 9:15 and then went outside to cut and wash the Lemon Thyme to be dried on trays for teas this fall and winter. I have to say I didn't realize how much we had harvested until we had it drying on trays and it was everywhere. We still have one more bed of it to cut and go through but it will be the hardest for some reason the caterpillars really like that bed and have made cocoons all through it.  Jacob helped me pick the black eyed peas and I need to come up with a way to keep the fire ants off the plants or I will just do without those peas I refuse to have those pests in my garden and hate that my fingers are now puffy and blistering from the bites thankfully they don't itch because we put lavender oil on the bites.

  I have Chicken marinating and we have rice leftover from Shabbat  now to cook the eggplant and make a yummy spinach salad maybe I can find some walnuts in the freezer and some dried cranberries too!
I'm Off for now have laundry to fold and we will see if I can get some sewing done tomorrow.

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