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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nightmare Friday

Wow I know its taken me a long time to post this our internet has been very flaky and I
would do this from my phone but it just won't let me log in.

Well Isaac was scheduled to have "treatment" on his right eye Friday morning at 7am so
as not to interfere with his feedings. So we feed him at his regular 3am and proceed to
pack everything up and get it in the car, so we can be at the hospital by 5:30.
we get to the hospital right before 6am and having to find the right building and then
proceed to the 7th floor proved a tad bit difficult. We finally find the NICU where we were
told we could just sign in and they would prep him for surgery only to find out there is no
record of him on their computers for surgery that day a nurse finds a lone sticky note in the
back and after several nurses calling around franticly we are told to go back downstairs and
given directions to the registration office it is now 6:30am. So we sit and we wait and we both
have time to find and use the bathrooms in the time they figure out that the surgeons office
never sent over the proper paperwork so they have to call the surgeon whom is just coming
out of another surgery to make sure we were approved for surgery that day. I was like um do you
really think I would drag my family out at this early morning if we weren't suppose to be here.
After all getting squared away and signing our lives away we head back upstairs its about 9am now
and they tell us the swabs they took at 6:30 to make sure Isaac didn't have RSV or the flu could
now be sent to the lab and it would be about an hour I was livid by this point, Why had we even
bothered? After a barrage of people asking lots of questions that I had already answered when I
filled out the registration forms, could none of them read I will never know, they started prepping
him and I was very glad Nate had bought some toquitos and an energy drink on our way to the
hospital that morning. About 11:30 they told us to go scrub and bring Isaac back to where they
would be doing the surgery. On the way in a nurse gave us fits about bringing in our stroller that
had Isaac and his oxygen and monitor and all our personal information she wanted us to just carry
him in and leave purse and all out in the hallway where anyone could take it. Finally another nurse
stepped in and had us put the stroller in supply corner because she could see what was in it the first
nurse later apologized.

So prepped and ready we leave them to do their thing and I go to the bathroom and get back in enough
time to get comfy and the surgeon comes out and sits next to us and says the right eye was done and
went beautifully, but he didn't remember the left eye looking this bad on Monday when he did his original
examination. I was so angry at this point I couldn't look at him, He went on to ask if he could go ahead
and do the surgery on the left eye and Nate and I agreed better today than have to come back in a couple
weeks. The issue I had with the whole thing was that on the monday before both eyes were healing and
doing good, but the right eye that we knew was worse than the left wasn't healing as quickly so he wanted
to do the surgery. My opinion he just wanted the money because I was told by the first second opinion Dr.
that there wasn't any reason in her opinion to have surgery, So now onto the second second opinion that the
original eye Dr wanted not us and suddenly we are talking surgery even though the eyes are healing. big
confusion and not enough explanation to satisfy me and no one has up to date drawings of the previous Dr's
Isaac made it through the surgery on both eyes but looks freakishly dead because of all the sedation they gave
him miraculously he is breathing on his own though. Nate and I decide to go get lunch now that it is pushing 2pm.
We got back from lunch in time for the 3pm feeding he has now missed two meals and I know he should be
starving so I ask them to warm up the bottle while I change his diaper and get him waking up because they were
going to feed him through a tube since he didn't wake on his own. I got him awake enough to suck vigorously on
a passie but they wouldn't let me try and nurse him at this point for fear he might choke. So time for the 6pm
feeding and I insist on nursing him so they go along with it and he eats about 4 ounces and burps we let him
rest because they want to observe him for another feeding just to make sure he is on and all drugs are out of
his system. We come back for the next feeding and what do you know they put him on oxygen and have the Dr
waiting to "talk" with us and try and convince us that he needs to stay overnight because he stopped breathing
on his own. Nate and I are two perfectly capable adults of taking care of our child whom was already released
from one hospital on oxygen what makes them think that we wouldn't be able to take care of him this time
oh wait! it might be too scary to do CPR is their explanation, or we might not hear the blaring alarm that goes off
if he hiccups let alone stops breathing. Come to find out Isaac stopped breathing again while I was feeding him
and the Dr and nurses were freaking out guess what! HE WAS POOPING of course its stressful when a tiny baby
poops that happend all the time at the other hospital especially when you feed him straight formula when he's
use to breastmilk. How much do these geniuses get paid!
Anyway we were released around 11:20 but the printer was messing up and they couldn't get the discharge
paperwork to print we were on our way home by 12:15.

Hope everyone had a great Rosh Hashannah!

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  1. found your website on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will probably be back to take a look some more later